Lenny Asamoah says Bowers & Pitsea’s youth team have been ‘inconsistent’ this season

I spoke to Bowers & Pitsea youngster Lenny Asamoah about the season so far, his long-term ambitions in football and more.

Lenny Asamoah (Right) (Credit: Nashy Photo/@Nashyphoto)

You are currently part of Bowers & Pitsea U18’s side that sit in 4th place in the Eastern Junior Alliance League (EJA). How would you summarise the season so far?

‘Personally, I’d summarise the season so far as inconsistent. We have beaten this season favourites, Aveley, 3-1 and also drew to the other season title contenders – Concord Rangers. However, we have lost to weaker opponents such as Burnham Ramblers.’

In your career so far, has there been one person who you have looked up to?

‘The one person I have looked up to in my career is Samson Tovide who plays for Colchester United. When I was there, he used to help me a lot and he gave me advice and ways to improve my technique.’

What would you say has been your most memorable moment in your career so far?

‘My most memorable moment in my career was playing in the FA Youth Cup against Southend United and getting voted man of the match even though we lost 2-1 to goals from Southend in the last 20 minutes.’

What are your long-term ambitions in football?

‘My long-term ambition in football is to play in the Champions League and make it to the World Cup.’

What do you hope to achieve with Bowers this campaign?

‘I hope to help Bowers & Pitsea get into the top three in the league this campaign and also get promoted.’

A massive thank you to Lenny Asamoah (@l3nny.09 on Instagram) for making the time for this interview.


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